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Reduce stress,

Increase energy

and vitality in 2022 by cultivating

a consistent yoga & mindfulness practice at home or in the studio with Valentía Rose.

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AMAZING class again tonight at Valentía Rose - Yoga & Mindfulness. 1 hour of yoga followed by the most beautiful 30 mins of restorative relaxation.

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

with Yoga & Mindfulness Practices

Yoga Classes

Our online classes are led by the premise that integrated Mind, Body and Spirit form the three pillars of optimal health and well-being. All of the classes at Valentía Rose focus on coordinating breath with physical

movement as a way of establishing a deep, spiritual practice rooted with presence and intention. We offer Seasonal Yoga and Guided Relaxation.

Barefoot Coaching

A transformational lifestyle and Wellness coaching service. Among its many benefits, this service rooted in yoga philosophy and mindfulness practice helps individuals and couples strengthen relationships, increase productivity and achieve goals. Those who have participated in group and one-to-one coaching described feeling more relaxed, gained stronger personal and professional relationships due to being less distracted by fleeting thoughts, demonstrating an enhanced ability to resolve conflict and respond to stressful situations more intelligently.


Breathing in, I calm my body & mind

Valentía Rose Yoga & Mindfulness can empower you and give back your peace of mind. We specialise in teaching clients and students techniques to increase resiliency, perseverance and flexibility in mind and body so no matter how strong the wind blows, we learn to bend and not break by honouring the Spirit within.

Plans & Pricing
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I am, Rose and I am delighted to meet you!

Read on to learn a little more about me

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I am a Mum of two handsome Prince's, a Latin, Tahitian and Bollywood dance enthusiast, a lover of philosophy and the Spanish language (hence the occasional palabra en español) I believe my purpose is to inspire confidence in others to create inner balance and achieve what sets their heart on fire through the practical yet magical wonder of yoga and mindfulness practices. 

I have been studying Yoga for about 20 years, a passionate student dedicated to my practice. I am trained in the Zen tradition and currently studying Qi Gong and pursuing a BSc in Psychology. I offer a slower-paced, seasonal yoga style that is both invigorating and calming - perfect for beginners. I am skilled in the art of helping clients still the noise of modern life through the practice of mindfulness, having taught hundreds of clients how to alleviate stress and anxiety, improve self-confidence and find balance and purpose I can help you too.

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This month I am...

Every month I will share the inspirational material nourishing my Mind, Body & Spirit


The Divine Feminine Tao Te Ching

by RoseMarie Anderson, PhD


Silent Voices

Ayla Schafer

Watching/ Learning

Ba Dua Jin

by Shaolin Temple Europe


Virtual Chai date?

We’d love to chat about how we can guide you to live a life of love, balance and purpose. Pour yourself something warm and let’s make a date! If you’re interested in working together or have general inquiries about our online classes including private sessions and/ or our Barefoot Coaching programs to help achieve your personal and professional goals with a little more zen, then reach out to schedule a complimentary call.


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