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Class Schedule

Winter 2022

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Seasonal Yoga

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Let's take a journey through the seasons learning to harness the energy of spring, summer, autumn and winter including the transitional periods to cultivate optimal wellbeing on and off the mat. Embrace these beautiful yoga practices imbued with the wisdom of nature to bring balance to mind, body and spirit. Each day will offer something different in terms of practice and teaching.

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Introduction to Meditation


New to meditation? Sleep deprived? Stressed? Suffer from chronic pain? Need a rest? Then come melt into deep rest with our bliss-inducing blend of meditation and pranayama with the option of using an eye pillow and/or light blanket for a truly relaxing experience. Each week you will learn a new technique that can be integrated into your home practice.

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AMAZING class again tonight at Valentía Rose - Yoga & Mindfulness. 1 hour of yoga followed by the most beautiful 30 mins of restorative relaxation.

Louise Barclay

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