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March 2021

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Stretch, Sweat & Tone

12.10 - 12.50 pm

Welcome to our full-body workout class - HOME EDITION via Zoom, designed for women to build unwavering self-confidence from within, assisting to overcoming mental and physical barriers to movement and living your best life. This class is a celebration of the Divine feminine of all ages, shapes and sizes. Suitable for all fitness levels, our low impact cardio class that fuses Aerobic, Yoga and Pilates style exercise to work-out and tone the full body. Expect to sweat and feel fabulous afterwards! Women only class.

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Guided Relaxation

1 - 1.40 pm

This class has become one of Valentía Rose favourites and it is no surprise why. 40 minutes of blissful relaxation ONLINE via Zoom. Meditation mixed with gentle, floor-based practice with option of an eye pillow/ light blanket for a truly rejuvenating experience.

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