Study Survival Guide: A Yogic Approach to Exam Success

Study Survival Guide: A Yogic Approach to Exam Success

Welcome to Study Survival Guide: a Yogic Approach to Exam Success. The objective of this pdf is to share tips to improve studying rituals for your teen throughout their learning journey and to present some mindful techniques to keep the mind calm, clear and focused to boost  confidence and ability to study more effectively.


Most of the techniques shared here take no longer than 17 minutes to practice. Allowing you plenty of time to study and do other things you enjoy.




  1. An easy to follow yoga sequence to relax, unwind and energise
  2. Study tips to create a consistent and enjoyable study habit
  3. Breathing exercises to increase focus and clear your head
  4. Body awareness technique to reduce muscular and mental tension
  5. Visualisation for exam success
  6. Meditation to enjoy the present moment and improve retention
  7. Definition of key Yoga terms in simple, uncomplicated language


Contains video links.


Who is this for?


For parents and teens prepapring for exams to reduce stress, tension and increase clarity and focus.


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